Celebrate Motherhood!

Motherhood is the holiest blessing given to mankind and also a calling for women to cherish their identity as it has the highest potential influence in human life, Albeit it has a lot of things to be taken care of whilst you can enjoy every single moment of being a mother, As a blanket of support, there are certain do’s & don’ts which needs a higher attention for unleashing motherhood. Whether it is your first pregnancy or third, a holistic fertility center with all advanced amenities would be every woman’s first priority. There will be a million questions where pregnant women would be thinking about their delivery. In order to ease the worries of pregnant women, Firm Hospital comes as a savior and answers pregnant women. Best Fertility Centre in Chennai offers services like Adiana System, Diseases in Pregnancy, Infertilidade, Laparoscopic Surgery for Uterus and much more.

Firm Hospitals was conceptualized with the purpose of providing excellent, affordable, international quality health care for women. The hospital has been designed to meet the international standards, providing utmost professional and personal care. Excellent treatment for infertility and it is one of the Best Fertility Hospital in ChennaiHaving a pleasing ambiance situated in a tranquil neighborhood at Anna Nagar, Chennai. Firm Hospitals stands ahead and is one of the Best Maternity Hospitals in Chennai. It provides a soothing ambiance with the state-of-the-art upgraded facility to provide the best in women’s health care.

Lauded for being technically sound and considered one of the best laparoscopic surgeons, Dr. Mala Raj deals with all types of gynecological issues. She is basically an obstetrician and a gynecologist and rated one of the best laparoscopic surgeons. She feels that earlier such procedures would be done as an open surgery. Whether it is a fibroid removal or a hysterectomy, it would be an open one and it also meant a fairly prolonged hospital stay and aftercare. It is a challenge because the doctor should be especially skilled to do this and also have the required equipment and gadgets for it.

At Firm Hospitals, They have invested in the latest equipment from Germany. There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of treatment and the safety of the surgery and for patients. The hospital stay for laparoscopic surgeries is not more than two days and the patient can go back to normal activities within a week or so. Albeit a big advantage indeed!

Dr. Mala Raj realizes that as science and treatments are advancing in a fast moving phase and the lifestyle changes bring their own woes. Infertility, fibroids, cancers, obesity, late childbirth and other issues start earlier than it was known before. There are people who postpone having children because of their career advancement, polycystic ovaries, hormonal disorders, menopausal issues and various other reasons affects women across the board and Dr. Mala is no stranger to any of these issues in her patients and strive to help them in upcoming days.


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