Best Fertility Center in Chennai

Pregnancy. No wonder it is one of the most daunting periods of a woman’s life. She grows into the child she bears for ten months, and she finds her joy in the wailing of the newborn. She finds a new found purpose in life that empowers her in every step the baby takes. We, at Firm Hospitals, celebrate motherhood with our concern and support for pregnant women. We are among the Best Fertility Center in Chennai, with a dedicated fertility center and maternity care. We value human life more than anything in this world, and our IVF clinic is a standalone testimony to that fact.
 Best Fertility Center in Chennai

Leading from the front, Dr. Mala Raj is at the helm, and is among the best fertility doctors in Chennai. The Firm Hospital’s team consists of the best fertility doctors in Chennai, and are each immensely talented in their respective specializations. This is a team that has pulled off complicated caesarian surgeries in their medical career. They are immensely talented and their celebrated experience talks volumes of their reliability. Firm Hospitals also has a dedicated laparoscopic center for women. Our compassion towards your priceless possession will always make us strive harder for the good. We care for our patients holistically by providing them the best of services to keep them at ease.

Some of the common issues that women face along with pregnancy are miscarriages, fibroids and uterus related problems. Our presence as among the best fertility centers in the city pushed us in creating a separate laparoscopic center within the umbrella of Firm Hospitals. This special center will perform removal of fibroids from the uterus, laparoscopic cystectomy and tubal recanalization among other complicated procedures. Being a woman herself, Dr. Mala Raj looks in to the pain of the patients, and make them feel comfortable while delivering the baby. She is full of concern and compassion towards her patients. This is one of the traits that has helped her become one of the leading Fertility doctors in Chennai.


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